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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nakey Boy

Eli's friend Grace recently unleashed her alter-ego "Nakey Girl" and Eli decided that, like every good female superhero, she needed a male counterpart...thus we introduce you to Nakey Boy! Nakey Boy is faster than a speeding bullet and can be found leaping tall couches in a single bound (well, almost), all the while giggling like a banchee. He thinks it's absolutely hilarious to run around naked, and for some reason always bolts for the couch once the clothes are off (after convincing us that he's heading straight to the bathtub!). He's quite entertaining!

Is it really February?

We've been blessed with some amazing weather over the past week or so, and we've certainly been enjoying our reunion with our long-lost friend Mr. Sun! With all the house projects going on, it was perfect timing to grab Eli and Zoe and head out to play. (Okay, that makes me sound really lazy, but there were indoor projects that needed to be done without a toddler and a dog running around!) Last week we headed to Marymoor Park, the site of a huge off-leash dog park (Zoe's very favorite place in the world) and a great playground that is quickly becoming one of Eli's favorite places. After an hour of running free at the dog park, we relaxed in the shade just long enough for a quick snack, then it was off to the swings and slides for Eli. Everyone left happy! (Although, I suppose Zoe would have been happier if we had spent the entire afternoon in the off-leash section of the park!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

An apple a day...

Usually Eli eats his apples peeled and sliced, but yesterday he learned a new technique from Clara…actually biting into the apple! Today he decided to try this at home – with a comically enormous apple! Seriously, this thing would have been a lot for me to handle! Eli had a great time with it though, oscillating between pride, hilarity, and “oh my goodness, this thing’s huge!” attitudes. He had a great time sharing, too. It became a fun game for him to take a bite then give me one. He thought my bites were pretty funny, seeing as how they were at least three times the size of his! By the time the two of us made it through half the apple, we’d both had plenty!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Ours was low-key but still great. Eli was determined to smell the flowers that Dada brought Mama (thanks Ry, they’re beautiful!) despite the pesky wrapper getting in the way. For dinner we enjoyed a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s (anyone who knows Ryan knows I won big points with that one!), and as you can see, Eli thoroughly enjoyed it!
On a personal note, I had a wonderful time tonight celebrating the love we share, Ryan and Eli. I love you two SO much, and I thank God for you both many times each day. He has blessed me so much and so deeply with the two of you…thank you for sharing your lives with me!

Fun with friends

Eli and I had the pleasure of spending Thursday morning with some great friends…I really don’t know who has more fun together; Jen and I or our kids?! Anyway, Eli loves playing with Hannah and Clara…and he had a blast getting decked out in sunglasses with Clara to go play outside! He’s a goofball, but he sure is a cutie! Gotta love that cheesy smile! Oh, and I would like to point out that Eli spent Valentine's Day with not one, but two adorable little girls! That'll make a guy happy! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Put me in, Coach!

Eli’s dreaming big! He’s convinced he should be able to “dunk” every time he sees a basketball hoop. He’s also working on his dribbling technique, which consists of throwing the ball on the ground and continuing to “dribble” long after the ball stops bouncing!
Good thing he loves basketball…must be in his blood! Think you’ll have an open spot on the team next year Dada?

Eli loves his Pa!

One of the people Eli loves most in this world is Pa! He thinks Pa is pretty great (and the rest of us agree!). :) Anytime with Pa is a good time, but some of Eli's favorite "Pa time" takes place at Dada's basketball games. Although he'd love to sit and watch the game, Pa enjoys the quality time with Eli; taking our little guy for walks when he can't handle being cooped up in the bleachers anymore, heading across the gym for a front-row seat when the band is playing (not that Eli actually sits when the band is playing!), exploring the far corners of the gym and bleachers, and helping Eli shoot hoops during half time! Needless to say, these two are great buddies!

By the way, the matching outfits here were completely coincidental, honest!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh, the ensembles!

Fashionista our son is not! I suppose that's a good thing, and besides, it's quite entertaining to see what he comes up with! A few mornings ago Eli wanted help taking off his jammies right away, but once he was stripped down to his underwear, he was off and running with a big, mischievous smile on his face! He was pretty proud of himself as he put his socks on his hands and started clapping. Then, off came the socks and on went the rainboots...accompanied, of course, by a guffaw and a grin! Oh, and let's not forget the safari hat, of course! (This one's for you, Unk!). Our little goofy-gus sure was having fun. :) The final photo is from the following day, when Eli decided to accessorize his otherwise normal (or maybe Eli would say boring!) outfit with his rainboots (he has to wear them at least once a day!) and Mama's belt. What fun!

Monday, February 4, 2008

We love California!

Eli and I returned Thursday from our trip to northern California to visit family. I apologize to all of our friends in the area; it was just such a short visit that we spent the whole time with family. We'll definitely have to plan some more time next visit! Despite some very Seattle-like weather we had a great trip! It was great to reconnect with family we haven't seen in nearly a year, and we definitely had some fun. We ended up waiting an extra hour and half at the airport (our flight was cancelled), but we discovered that the Seattle airport has a fantastic play area for kids! Eli did lots of climbing and sliding while waiting to "fy" (fly) on the airplane (I'm not even going to attempt a phonetic spelling of how Eli pronounces airplane!). We arrived on Sunday afternoon and headed straight to my Aunt Natalie's house to see the cats and sheep there. Eli was a little unsure at first (and tired after missing his nap!), but by the time we left he was "baaing" at the sheep. Unfortunately my camera was packed away and we didn't get any pics of Eli with the sheep. The next morning we headed to the Charles Schultz museum in Santa Rosa for thir Mommy and Me program, accompanied by my Uncle Harold (aka "Unkie" to me, and "Unk" to Eli). It was a great program that ran two hours, included stories, snacks, music, toys, and crafts - all for only $5! Eli had a great time, particularly playing on the funny little ottoman-type chairs at the museum. He even got to play Schroeder's (spelling?) piano! One of the crafts was a shaker (an empty water bottle filled with beans); Eli's concentration was focused as he put each individual bean into his bottle! That evening we had dinner at my Grandma Terry's house (aka Ganny), where we got to spend time with several family members, including Eli's beloved LaLa. :) Tuesday it was off to San Fransisco with Unk and Aunt Natalie (aka "Nat" because "Aunt Natalie" proved to be quite a tongue twister!) to see the aquarium, the sea lions, and have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. It was quite a fun day with some really neat things to see. Eli loved the sharks and enjoyed searching the aquarium tanks for orange fish (I don't know why he liked the orange ones in particular!).
Above: Eli looking at all of the fish swimming above him as we walked through the "undersea" tunnel. Below: Eli got to touch a bat ray and a starfish in the aquarium's touch pools.Wednesday we visited the Bay Area Discovery Museum, which I can unequivocally say was Eli's favorite activity in California! I can't even begin to describe all of what this amazing kid-haven includes, but here are some of the highlights according to Eli...

Dump trucks!


A "tot spot" that included tons of neat sensory experiences. Below: an aquatic room where kids walked across "ponds" that were basically water beds. I joined him, and it was actually really cool!


Puddles! Eli had a phenomenal time playing in this little puddle he found. Notice the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

The museum is located in Sausalito, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge...thus providing great views of the great structure. That night we went to Chuck E. Cheese, which is a well-established favorite with Eli. He had a great time, especially shooting hoops and going down the slide. The next morning it was time to pack up and head home. While it was great to get back to everything here, we were sad to say goodbye. We had a great visit!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Computer savvy? Hmmm...

Well, so much for my blogging proficiency! I've prided myself on being pretty computer- and blog-savvy, but I just discovered (after five months of blogging) that y'all are leaving comments about my posts! So sorry for those of you who've asked questions and not received responses! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the blog, and I'll try to keep up with the comments now. :)
P.S. Jessie, the nativity came from Lifeway! :)